Breakable was an attempt to kick start my pandemic recovery by reliving and accepting what I had been through in order to leave it behind. I know from my work with patients that you have to have the emotional bandwidth for recovery: if there is a fly constantly buzzing in your ear you will not have the spare attention and effort that recovery needs.

To recover you also need personal agency and autonomy: if restrictions had continued I would not have been able to make the changes I so sorely needed. I would have had to continue fire fighting, trying to keep everything going as best I could whilst spending the minimum amount of time on my health: just enough to keep going.

The completion of my first draft brought with it the first opportunity to look forwards. My fortunate life had returned, but physically and mentally I was in possibly the worst shape of my life. 2 stone heavier, perimenopausal, pessimistic, lacking in energy, anxious and insomniac. And my body hurt.

On this page I will detail my attempts to return to my prepandemic health and fitness, researching and explaining further the important components of health and detailing my successes and failures as I navigate my way to optimal health.